Useful Advice on How to Cure Panic Attacks

Curing  Panic AttacksWhen extreme anxiety creeps in, you will experience a panic attack. Panic attacks don’t have a certain scheduled time they will just happen, they can happen anytime and anywhere. In some cases, they will make a simple task seem like a very complex and difficult one. The good news is that using simple, natural, cost effective solutions it will help to reduce the panic attacks. Medication is also good but it will not help with curing your problem.



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Yet you don’t have to worry about this too much, because if you are suffering from frequent panic attacks, the following steps will reveal to you some of the things you have to know regarding identifying and controlling the causes of your anxiety, but also give you info on how to treat them. By knowing how to cure panic attacks you will eventually be able to lead a happier, stress-free life.

Steps to take to help cure panic attacks

  • 1. The first step you will have to take is take notice of your feelings. Even before you experience an anxiety attack, you will need to focus on identifying the way you feel inside. Take note of these panic attack symptoms, For instance, are you feeling dizzy, nervous or maybe nauseous? Maybe your whole body is starting to tingle right before an anxiety attack will occur? Or maybe your heart is beating so fast that it’s just about to rip through your chest? Regardless of what the symptoms may be, you will have to grab a pen and write them down on a journal so that you will be able to keep track of them. Next time you will know that they are precursors of a panic attack, so you will be able to control them better.


  • 2. Try to get some control on your breathing. Everyone who has been through at least one anxiety attack knows that breathing is one of the things that will slip out of their control. If the breathing is not slowed very fast, then hyperventilation will occur alongside with possible other physical symptoms, like sweating, a rapid pulse and eventually fainting. That is why you will need to focus on your breathing as much as possible and not on anything else. Carrying a paper bag in this regard is the best thing you can do, as if you will breathe into it, you will be able to regulate your breathing. Deep and very slow breaths are the ones you should take until you will feel more relaxed. Breathing Exercise for Anxiety…read more


  • 3. It’s important to try and identify the cause. After you have successfully managed to slow your breathing down and thus prevented other physical symptoms from occurring, you will have to take a look around you. Take note of the place you are in, the situation you’re in and the factors that caused your anxiety to creep in. If you manage to identify the causes, then it will help you with knowing more about what causes your anxiety attack so that in the future you can have better control on these triggers.


  • 4. Getting plenty of exercise is very much recommended, because if you exercise on a regular basis, then you will not only improve your overall health, but you will also help with reducing your stress levels. Exercising at least once a day will help you dramatically reduce the chances of experiencing an anxiety attack.


  • 5. Sleeping is also very important and you need to get enough of it. When sleeping the cells in your body are replaced and after waking up you will feel refreshed. Ensure that your sleeping pattern is normal and that it’s not one of the reasons to why you are having anxiety attacks. Doctors recommend to sleep around eight hours per night in order to wake up the next day feeling refreshed and of course, rested.


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Tips and Warnings

Even when you will start implementing the tips we have discussed above, you will need to be very patient with yourself and set real expectations. Having Panic attacks doesn’t happen to a person overnight, they are the result of many years of vented up anxiety. That is why you have to give yourself some time and make sure that you do anything you can in order to grow and eventually recover naturally. If you employ these tips, you will easily be able to have control of your anxiety.


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