Treatment for Panic Attacks

A Panic attack is an ailment that can be treated. Usually, it can successfully be treated using a succession of therapy sessions or self-help techniques.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Generally cognitive behavioral therapy is regarded as a very effective method of treating panic attacks. This method of treatment focuses on the behaviors as well as thinking patterns that are setting off when sustaining the panic attacks. This sort of therapy helps you view the fears you experience in a more rational light.

If for instance you are driving and you suddenly experience a panic attack, what is the most horrible thing that would actually take place? There is very little chance that you will get a heart attack or crash your vehicle. As soon as you understand that no terrible thing is going to occur, the panic you are experiencing becomes less frightening.



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Exposure Therapy

In exposure therapy treatments, you will be caused to experience the physical feelings of panic within an environment that is safe and controlled, showing you better methods of managing the problem. During the therapy session, you may be required to shake your head back and forth, hold your breath or hyperventilate. With each experience, you become less fearful of these inner feelings and experience a better sense of command over the panic you feel.

If you suffer from a kind of anxiety disorder referred to as agoraphobia, you will also be exposed to situations that you avoid and fear during the therapy sessions. You confront the situation you fear until your panic starts to disappear. These exposures help you to understand that there is nothing harmful about these situations and that you can control your emotions better.


Medication Treatment

Treatments to help Panic AttacksSome panic attack symptoms can temporarily be reduced or controlled by use of medication. But these drugs do not resolve or treat the problem. In severe cases, medication can be quite useful; however it is not appropriate to use only drugs for treating the condition. Better results will be achieved if medication is combined with other therapies, for example lifestyle changes and treatments that address the root causes of panic attack.


Drugs used for treating panic attacks may include:


These drugs should be taken constantly, not only when you get a panic attack. This is because it takes many weeks before their effect is felt.


These medicines used for treating anxiety are quick acting. The effect of these drugs is usually felt within one hour. If you take them when you experience a panic attack, you will get quick relief of symptoms. But you should be aware that benzodiazepines are extremely addictive and they have severe withdrawal symptoms. Therefore you should be very cautious when taking them.



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To summarize, if you understand the nature of your problem and try to solve it in a rational perspective, it will be really easy to cure the panic attacks you experience. If you want to take any form of medication, you should do so under the guidance of a healthcare professional.


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