The Variety of Natural Anxiety Remedies

Anxiety can be troublesome for those dealing with it. One can become emotionally and psychologically trapped when in this state of mind. Those feeling fear or uneasy at different points of the day are always looking for solutions.

There are various medications out and about, but natural remedies are also available. These remedies are equally beneficial and effective in tampering down one’s anxiety. Forget about having to face the horrifying side-effects of prescribed medicine and focus on these natural options.

There are a multitude of options available for those interested in finding a healthier solution. Do not become bogged down by the endless supply of prescribed medications.


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Option #1: ‘Chamomile’

Natural Remedies for AnxietyThis is a herb that has shown substantial results for dealing with a ‘nervous’ state of mind. Being nervous can be difficult to cope with and becomes increasingly severe. Chamomile is a herb that tampers this feeling down and has other positive effects too. These effects include improved digestive ability and decreasing chances of headaches.
The best part about this herb is it’s minimal to non-existent side-effects. It is so gentle on the body; at times babies are offered the same medicine to treat illnesses. This bodes well for individuals tired of consuming medication that is hurting them in the long-run.


Option #2: ‘Kava Kava’

Kava Kava  is a type of sedative that has been known to act as a calming agent. Those suffering from insomnia and various levels of stress are encouraged to use this as an option. Kava Kava is herb that relaxes the mind and puts the body at ease. Anxiety can lead to being tensed and this deals with that symptom effectively.

The strength of this herb is stronger than Chamomile. This is not as gentle on the body and should not be consumed by those with liver problems. If consumed in small amounts, this can be sublime in dealing with one’s anxiety issues.


Option #3: ‘Passion Flower’

While, the name might not suggest healing powers, Passion Flower also known as “Passoflora” is an exceptional choice for those looking to relieve themselves of muscle spasms borne from anxiety. Acting as another relaxing option, Passion Flower has the ability to reduce the effect of anxiety on one’s body.
Those who are dealing with insomnia can use this medicine to prodigious effect. Due to its calming nature, this herb in tea form is effective. One must always remember, Passion Flower due to its strength should not be consumed with other medication. Individuals being treated with ‘MAO inhibitor class’ medications should avoid Passion Flower.


Option #4: Valerian

One of the unsurpassed muscle relaxants available at the natural level, it is an admirable option for insomniacs. It has the ability of invoking a drowsy state of mind without ruining your sleeping patterns. Anxiety that might be felt from stress is eased through the consumption of this herb. There are other benefits of this herb including improvement in stomach cramps and coughing.

This herb should be strictly reserved for adults and is not recommended for children.


Option #5: Fennel

Yes, one may remember this herb as something utilized in the kitchen. The seeds of this herb are often used to enhance the taste of food. Fennel alongside with its cooking benefit is a great option to deal with anxiety.

Fennel is able to handle a variety of muscle spasms, coughing and eliminates toxins that may accumulate in the human body. Due to its varying nature in benefits, Fennel is recommended for countless purposes.

As a herb, this can be used as much as one prefers. One should not be overdoing things when consuming Fennel, but it’s regarded as a safe option for all ages.



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Concluding Thoughts

There are more than a handful of natural anxiety remedies that can be employed by patients. Going through the same rounds of medications is not recommended and can have negative effects.

Prescribed medications are often used as short-term solutions and the focus is only on getting better in the present. However, the long-term side-effects have to be considered as life does not end in the present. Natural anxiety remedies are vast in nature and should always be considered when looking for treatment options.

Anxiety can become burdensome to deal with, it is best to look through the options and select the best one.


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