Who is Joe Barry?

Barry Joe McDonaghEveryone is talking about the ‘Panic Away‘ program developed by Joe Barry. In some of the reviews, it is mentioned that this e-book has helped millions of people overcome anxiety and panic attacks since it was first published in 2001. A bestseller in more than 32 countries, this book presents a system that is considered to be one of the most successful anti-anxiety methods ever. That makes one curious to learn more about the creator of this system.



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The Background of the Author


Joe Barry was born as Barry Joe McDonagh. He was born in Ireland and completed his studies at University College Dublin (UCD). The story goes that he was suffering from panic attacks and general anxiety disorder (GAD) for more than 10 years, which had greatly aggravated during his college days. This heavily interfered with his studies. Unable to cope, he sought help through regular medical channels and underwent a number of treatments. Unfortunately, nothing worked. Every time he went through a treatment that made him feel better, he thought he was cured only to have the symptoms return once the treatment/ medication was over.


After sometime he lost hope in the medical ways to treat anxiety, and he set out to find a cure for how to deal with panic attacks and anxiety. He could not believe that he had to go through life battling with an incurable general anxiety disorder (GAD). He researched diligently for two years and documented carefully his research searching for something that would eliminate the symptoms of anxiety from his life.


Besides researching on the Net, he met and discussed at length with many people who suffered from chronic anxiety and panic attacks to understand what was common among those suffering from this affliction and what is unique to each case. Disillusioned with the medical treatments and medications available, Joe Barry focused on researching various natural methods that could be used to cure this problem. He was greatly encouraged to find that natural ways offered far better results than medical treatments and therefore concentrated on this alternative for a permanent cure.


At last, in 2001 he found the cure and he first tried it on himself. Since he was a victim of GAD and understood firsthand how devastating the symptoms were, he did not want to promote a program that does not give 100 per cent guarantee for a permanent cure. He also knew how disappointing it was to think you are cured and then suddenly having to face the same devastating symptoms all over again.


Only after he was totally convinced about the ability of the ‘Panic Away’ program to completely cure anxiety and panic attacks, he released it in the form of an e-book for the world to benefit from it.


A Simple Method That Works Wonders


During his research Joe Barry found a simple method that totally and completely cures five of the most common of anxiety related conditions:

  • Agoraphobia
  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of driving
  • Claustrophobia
  • Fear of public speaking

He calls this the 21-7 system or technique to break the anxiety-building cycle. The system is very simple and can be used by anyone. Joe Barry explains that it takes about 21 seconds for the triggers of anxiety to put up in motion the panic attack symptoms. Joe teaches his readers how to catch these triggers early – within the first 21 seconds – and to not only reverse, but completely block them altogether.

One major plus point is that Joe Barry is available to each one of his readers – if they need help. Since he had suffered from anxiety disorder himself he knows how important it is to have someone reassuring and supporting every step of the way. Joe Barry promises his readers 100 per cent cure through his ‘The One Go’ panic away system. He is so sure that this system will work with every person who applies it, that he offers 100 per cent money back guarantee in case anyone is unhappy with the results.

However, as the reviews indicate and judging from the huge popularity of the book, it does not seem that anyone has made a claim on this guarantee offer. Joe Barry has become an icon figure all over the world because of his all-natural, simple yet super-effective method to cure anxiety disorders and do away with panic attacks forever.



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