Where To Find Social Anxiety Support

Social Anxiety SupportSocial anxiety is a psychological condition where you develop a feeling of anxiety, extreme discomfort or fear that is brought about when you have to be in a social situation. The feelings are brought about by thinking or assuming that other people will be judging or will reject you once they interact with you.

Social anxiety is a common problem and approximately fifteen million people suffer from this condition in the US as it is the third most common psychological disorder in the country. However many people do not talk about it as they fear that they will be labeled as weird or they think that they are the only ones who suffer from the debilitating feelings of social anxiety.

Social anxiety is a condition that stays with you every day all day and many people who suffer from it admit that they know that their fears and feelings are irrational but they cannot help themselves.


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The most effective treatment for social anxiety is by cognitive behavior therapy. This can be done by a therapist and then you will need continual social anxiety support from groups or you can get these from various online chat rooms and online support groups. If you are looking for social anxiety support group meetings that you can attend physically, it is good to look at the Social Anxiety Institute website and look for your local area and see if you they have meetings that are held in your area.

You may also join an association or a group such as the Social Anxiety Association or the Social Anxiety Support Group. Online support groups include supportgroups.com, socialanxietysupport.com and so many others. You can also be able to organize and receive online therapy which are available in some of these websites. If you would like that you can look out for that option in the websites.


Websites where you can find Social Anxiety Support


There are numerous websites that will provide support in the form of information so that you read and understand your condition better as you educate yourself in different ways you can deal with you condition so that you feel less anxious in social situations. A good example of this is lets-beat-social-anxiety.com.

The Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) provides support for people who suffer from social anxiety in different countries that include Australia, Canada, Mexico and South Africa. The organization provides online support and you can also attend meetings. You have to check if your area has meetings and if it does not and you would like to start a local chapter of the ADAA, then the organization will provide the necessary knowledge, help and support that you may need to do this.

Social Anxiety Support Chat is a chat room that allows people who suffer from social anxiety disorder to interact and share their experiences. The group is accessible to people of different nationalities and from any nation and country in the world. The Social Anxiety Anonymous also known as Social Phobics Anonymous is an organization that offers a 12 step program, similar to that of Alcoholics Anonymous, and the program will help you deal with your social anxiety by yourself so that you do not necessarily have to go to therapy. The organization holds meetings and you can also access the international telephone conferencing so that you can interact with people and get the support you need.

Another helpful online resource that you can use is The Social Anxiety Support website which is lists a good number of social anxiety groups and associations in various countries. You will also be able to see reviews from other people about various organizations so that you are able to go to a support group that you feel will be helpful to you based on the reviews you read. You can also be able to give your own feedback about social anxiety groups and associations that you have attended so that you can also help other people.



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Others are supportforsocialanxiety.com, healsocialanxiety.com,helpguide.org which is a website that deals with many other disorders as opposed to just social anxiety. The internet has so many resources and you will be able to find the kind of support that you are looking for to help you deal with your social anxiety.

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