The Definition of Anxiety

Picture of a girl with anxietyPlenty of people are suffering from anxiety, the definition of anxiety is described by a sensation of intense worry or nervousness that individuals will experience on certain occasions. If anxiety is moderate, then it can help people with achieving their goals and becoming more responsible. Yet if it’s too much, people will feel overwhelmed, will freeze in panic and will not be able to do anything but feel frozen in that state of fear. Most of the times people will experience certain situations in which anxiety can seep through, making a small problem for instance, seem like the end of the world.



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Anxiety Basics: What is Anxiety?

If every one of us would just go through life having no worries, then no one would actually care about the results of his or her actions, our impact on society and what other people think about us. Anxiety and stress are vital mechanisms to us as humans as they allow us to perceive risks and according to them, adjust our behavior. When fear will exceed a certain limit though, it will no longer yield a functional benefit to our everyday lives.

If the anxiety is too much, then you will find yourself frozen in situations upon which you will dwell so much that you’ll lose all sense of time and even space and thus get blocked in a corner of your mind, by the small problem you’re facing that in your mind appears like a an unbreakable barrier. For example if you have anxiety about crossing a railroad track, then even when there will be no trains coming, you will still feel that fear. If you will attempt to cross it, you will imagine that one will come right away and maybe go over you.



The basis of anxiety actually lies in the biological responses of our body to the external stimuli. In the same way that our nerves alert us that if we put our hands into the fire it will burn and hurt us, in the same way anxiety will protect us from daily dangers. Thus, rather than having to experience painful consequences, anxiety will allow us to act in a methodical way in order to have the adverse effects reduced to a minimum.

The fear you will feel when you approach a big fire or a very hot surface will keep you away from putting your hands or fingers on it. On top of that, anxiety will also stretch out to less primal threats like financial planning, home safety and job security and if you will have a low level of anxiety, then you will be able to stay determined and focused.



If the anxiety you are suffering from is excessive then this will prevent you to take certain actions when you need to. Moreover, if you will dwell on a single source of anxiety, then you will see that other areas in your life will gradually start to lose importance. If the anxiety you are experiencing is intense, then you will certainly forget to perform certain tasks, miss deadlines and even stay awake at nights. Every person who has anxious thoughts regarding something will see only that stress and it will take importance over everything else. There are countless cases in which anxiety prevents individuals from completing immediate tasks or just enjoying pleasurable activities.


Anxiety Disorders

If anxiety will take over some aspects of your life, then you are dealing with a disorder. Some of these disorders include post traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, see the 6 Types Of Anxiety Disorders. In most cases these disorders will occur at the same time with other mental disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.



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The treatment will always depend on the type of anxiety you have. For instance if you have OCD disorder, you will benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy, yet in many other cases you will be required to take certain drugs like Ativan, Valium, Prozac and Zoloft. There are also other methods of dealing with anxiety such as the ones reviewed on this website. These include


Make sure you do something about your anxiety and visit a therapist as soon as possible in order to find out how to control it and diminish it. By understanding anxiety itself and benefiting from both drugs and therapy will help you stay in control of your anxiety. It will also reduce the attacks you might be having and preventing you from functioning as a normal individual.


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