Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety SymptomsAnxiety, a condition that brings a feeling of nervousness, uneasiness, fear or even worry has different symptoms. Symptoms of Anxiety can differ from one individual to the other because people have different chemical reactions. The intensity of anxiety and its frequency can also vary from one individual to the other. To some individuals they can experience severe anxiety whereas others can experience mild anxiety. Here we have discussed some of the most common symptoms of anxiety.



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  • Heart Palpitations

    This is one of the common symptoms of anxiety. The heat beats fast and hard as if it is racing. In some instances you can feel that the heart stops beating and in your chest you will have a feeling of a tickle that causes you to cough. The heartbeats are usually unevenly spaced when a pulse check is taken. You can feel palpitations in your chest, neck and throat.


  • Excessive Sweating

    Excessive sweating is another symptom of anxiety that can be noticed. You may experience excessive sweating or even hot flashes for no clear reason. The sweats which may be cold or hot sweats are usually uncontrollable and they are frequent. This symptom can occur when in an important or stressful situation for example, in a business meeting or family gathering.


  • Difficulty Speaking

    You may experience difficulty in pronouncing words, speaking or even find it difficult trying to move your lips, tongue or the mouth. This symptom can be mild in some individuals while in others it can be severe and persistent.


  • Frequent Urination

    You may experience a feeling to urinate frequently than normal. You find yourself going to the toilet more often and most of the time you produce only small amounts of urine, in some instances you may produce large amount of urine.


  • Muscle Tremors

    When using your muscles you may feel like they are vibrating or shaking. For example this can happen when you raise or lower a limb and it can affect all muscles or a group of muscles. It can be persistent is some instances or occur once in other cases. Your fingers, hands, arms, legs and toes may also feel shaky. This can also happen to the whole body and you may feel that it is impossible to stop it from trembling or shaking.


  • Feeling that You are About to Faint

    Suddenly you may feel a shortness of breath or feel that you are lightheaded, unstable when on your feet or even an unexpected fear to pass out. These feelings can cause a panic attack.


  • Weakness of the Muscles

    You may experience muscle weakness and low energy which may make you feel that you are going to faint. It makes you feel that you do not have any energy or strength to do anything.


  • Chest Pain 

    Chest pain can be characterized by sharp, piercing and stabbing pressure in the chest. Muscle twitches, shooting pain, burning or chest fullness and uneasiness may also be experienced. The pain can occur in one spot or may even move from one location to the other in the chest. The pain may spread out from one shoulder to the other and into the breast. This symptom may be misinterpreted as signs of heart attack and can cause panic attack due to the fear of getting a heart attack.


  • Depersonalization

    You may have a feeling of losing your mind and feel that you are not a part of the world or what is going on. You may feel that you are dreaming and you are not is the real world. This can in return cause fear and panic attacks.


  • Problem in Concentration and Short-term Memory

    You may experience problems of concentration; to some point you may feel that your memory is not good and you may lose focus when doing your usual tasks. You easily forget things to the extent that you can forget that you were doing something. It may also find it difficult to carry on conversations; you cannot remember where you placed some things and can not remember even people’s names or what you just ate or talked about.


  • Short-term Learning Impairment

    You may experience difficult in learning new things and even remembering what you just learnt. It becomes difficult and you struggle to comprehend and learn anything new that comes your way.


  • Lack of Appetite

    A lack of appetite is a common anxiety symptom where you may feel that you are not hungry all the time and also feel that the food is not appealing or just that you do not want to eat.


  • Difficulty Falling Asleep

    It may be hard for you to fall asleep. You may also experience bad dreams when sleeping and waking up in the middle of the night.



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The above are some of the symptoms of anxiety and for sure the list has not exhausted all the symptoms. Individuals will always experience different symptoms and it is advisable to consult with a doctor to determine if they really are sign of anxiety.

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